Sunday, June 08, 2008

Mediterranean Triangle

Mediterranean Triangle
4917 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Los Angeles

Mediterranean Triangle is a small place in Eagle Rock. They surrounded by chain restaurants but serve some good food at good prices.

I go the #4 combo, shish, chicken, and luleh kebobs with rice and salad, $17.31. The shish kebobs were well spiced and they gave you a big portion. But they were a big tough and chewy.

The chicken was a bit bland but again a big portion and juicy. But the best was the beef luleh kebob, ground beef. There was so much flavor and not a bit dry. I normally do not order luleh kebobs but I'm glad the luleh was included in this combo. It was very good and among the best luleh kebobs I've had.

Service is good. It's a mom and pop operation and very friendly.

I would go back to Mediterranean Triangle anytime. It's almost as good as
Shiraz for their shish kebobs.