Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jade House Seafood & BBQ

Jade House Seafood & BBQ
1124 S Diamond Bar Blvd
Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Jade House has been in Diamond Bar for at least ten years. I always thought of them as more of a take out place but they do have a large menu for sit down dining.

I ordered the:

Shrimp fried rice, $6.95. This was more like shrimp with rice. There were about ten large shrimp, with some eggs, green onions, and oil. That's it. No veggies at all. I thought the shrimp wasn't the freshest and was chewy. The shrimp needed more seasoning, it was pretty bland. I don't need the entire garden in fried rice but damn, at least put some vegetables in there. If the shrimp was good it would have been an OK value. But with chewy, maybe four day old shrimp, it wasn't worth the price.

Scallops in Szechuan sauce, $10.95. This was a spicy and flavorful dish. They had lots and lots of celery. Figures, they finally put in veggies, celerly and carrots, and it's a veggie, celerly, I don't like. They also had ginger, mushrooms and watercrest. The scallops are sliced thick and were knid of rubbery. I don't know where they get their seafood but it's not fresh at all.

Chicken with cashews nuts, $6.95. Again they put in celery and carrots. But this was a bland tasty dish. The chicken was horrible, not tender, not fresh, almost seemed like chemcially engineered chicken. Not a good combo at all.

Service was good. I didn't lack for anything except for good food.

I would not go back to Jade House. Most of the dishes were pretty bland and not fresh, especially the seafood, at all.