Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kendall's Brasserie

Kendall's Brasserie
135 N Grand Avenue
Los Angeles

Kendall's Brasserie is a part of the Patina restaurant group. That sentence, should give you enough information about how overprice and average their food is.

One reason Kendall's gets such a good crowd is that after performances there isn't another place to eat or get a drink. So they have you trapped and they take advantage of it.

The first time I went to Kendall's Brasserie, was after a performance at the Music Center. But I didn't bring a camera so I couldn't do a review. But I went back to Kendall's and it happened to be a special event for locals. A way to network and brag about who makes more money or owns a better car.

The menu for both dinner and late night supper is very limited. Not many entrees and what's on the menu is so overpriced. The two times I went to Kendall's I've ordered the shrimp cocktail, $16. Six medium sized shrimp arrive and I'm not impressed. The shrimp aren't fresh, not even chilled. They were tough and chewy because they had been overcooked. The cocktail sauce is basically ketchup, they don't even put any horseradish in there. For $16 I expect a lot more. It got huge shrimp that were fresh and tasty for $2.50 each at Morton's.

Service was good both times I went. The first time we sat down and ate. The next time I was in the bar area. I have no complaints about the service at Kendall's unlike that Pinot Grill, where I had some of the worst service ever.

Both times I've gone to Kendall's it was filled with pretenious, arrogant, jerk people. I seriously wanted to just go to Kendall's take a picture of the shrimp cocktail and then leave. But I couldn't stand being around pretenious, arrogant, jerk people any longer, so I just ordered the shrimp cocktail and within 15 minutes or so, I was out of there.

I realize judging a restaurant based on appetizers isn't ideal but if the appetizers aren't good and/or overpriced, why would I want to go back for an entree?

I would not go back to Kendall's again. Overpriced, average food and being around pretenious, arrogant, jerk people isn't my idea of a good meal. I only went back this time to take pictures so I can write a review.