Friday, June 15, 2007

Pinot Grill-Closed

Pinot Grill
135 Grand Ave.

Pinot Grill is part of the Patina group of overpriced, average food restaurants. Pinot Grill is in the courtyard between the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and the Music Center. I've only seen it open when there is a performance at either venue. So call before going to make sure they are open.

Or better yet, put your money in the BBQ and light it on fire. That's about what you do when you have dinner at Pinot Grill or almost any other Patina restaurant. Pictured is a chicken and cheese quesadilla for $10. It's listed on the appetizer menu. All entrees are at least $22 and not worth the price. The quesadilla is nothing special. Taco Bell makes a better quesadilla for $8 less. The quesadilla is filled with jack cheese and small pieces of chicken breast. It's not bad but it's note worth the price. But then again nothing at any Patina restaurants are worth the price. I love the BS line they give you when asking for a glass of water. They said they do not have any running water so all water is bottled water. So how do they wash the dishes? Do they have so many dishes that they can serve diners all night all? Are they using recycled water to wash the dishes?

Service at Pinot Grill, simples SUCKS. I did not see our server for at least 20 minutes. I had to ask the hostess and the busboy to get the server and STILL it took forever for him to come. When the server was at our table he was fine. But he sure as hell was quick when it was time to give the check.

I would not go back to Pinot Grill, ever again. Overpriced, very average food with TERRIBLE service does not make a good combination.