Friday, June 15, 2007

R & R's Pizza-Closed

R & R Pizza
3233 Grand Ave Ste. A
Chino Hills

R & R's Pizza recently changed ownership. The new ownership has kept the same recipe and quality of the pizza. The main draw is their giant 18" pizza with two toppings for $18. I had them put extra cheese, half pepperoni and half sausage.

Now they don't pile the toppings on. Both the pepperoni and sausage were quite tasty. The pepperoni was spicy, which I liked. But there just wasn't enough toppings. The crust is very soft and chewy and fresh.

Service is good. This is a great place for a kid's pizza party. This pizza could feed a ton of kids.

I would go back to R & R's. Even if the pizza could have used more toppings, it's still a very good value. Lot's of good quality pizza at a good price.