Monday, June 18, 2007

Fairoaks Pharmacy

Fair Oaks Pharmacy
1526 Mission St
South Pasadena

Fair Oaks Pharmacy has been a South Pasadena landmark since 1915. The soda fountain takes you back in time. The soda fountain is known for old fashioned ice cream and floats. They also serve a regular menu.

I ordered the Roadside half and half. Half garden salad and half a turkey sandwich. The salad was filled with all different types of lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers. The salad was fresh but nothing outstanding.

The turkey sandwich was also very fresh, with smoked turkey, lettuce and tomatoes on white bread. The salad and sandwich combo was $7.95.

The sundae pictured is mint chocolate chip topped with hot fudge, whipped cream, nuts and cherry.

Service was very slow. I realize it was a very hot day and a group of 25 people came in just before I got there. But there were at least six kids working behind the counter and nobody taking orders at the tables. When they first came to take my order, the kid walked right past me to another table. Then came back and asked if I had been helped. Why not ask me first before going to another table? Then when I placed my order, I realized that you have your choice of bread for the turkey sandwich. Now I'm not that picky. I like all kinds of bread but prefer wheat bread. They should have given me the option.

I think Fair Oaks Pharmacy is a place everybody should go to at least once. But the food is nothing special and the service is very poor.