Monday, June 18, 2007

Bear Pit Bar-b-que

Bear Pit Bar-b-que Restaurant
10825 Sepulveda Blvd
Mission Hills, CA 91345-1410

Rated as a Top 9 BBQ restaurant in LA by Nine on the Town, Bear Pitt BBQ has been a Vally staple since the 1940's.

Pictured is the BBQ spareribs for $16.95. The ribs are slow cooked over hardwood. But they aren't that great. The big surprise was how hot these ribs were. I think they may have been microwaved first. The ribs were chewy and had a lot of fat. The BBQ sauce is sweet and lacks any kick. I know they have a hotter version on the table. I forgot to ask for sauce on the side.

Service is very fast and friendly. But the hostess that seated us was terrible. We first walked into the restaurant and the hostess is helping another hostess seat a disabled man. Of course I'm not complaining about that wait. Then she wallks directly to the couple behind us. I speak up and say table for two please. She seats us but walks so fast she's waiting for us at the table. She was a rude, disrespect bitch. It's not like we are invisible. Why she went to the couple behind us, makes no sense. There is no excuse for something like that.

I would not go back to Bear Pit. The ribs aren't anything special. There are much better ribs in the Valley and those places have better hostess.