Monday, September 14, 2009

Phillips Barbecue - Chino-Closed

Phillips Barbecue
11748 Central Ave

Back in July I did a review of Clark's BBQ, which is now closed. In it's place is the answer to my prayers; a Phillips BBQ closer to me than any of their other three locations, Phillips on Crenshaw, Phillips in Inglewood, and Phillips in Leimert Park.

The Chino location, has been open for about a week now and has seating for about 30 people in their dining room. Always a plus since the BBQ is so good, you can't wait to try it.

I got my usual, half slab of spare ribs, $13.48. Again a wonderful bark, smoke flavor, and meat ribs. Phillips knows how to BBQ ribs and they do a great job. There is no doubt that Phillips has the best BBQ ribs in LA.

Service was very good. I was greeted promptly and they guy behind the counter was nice and friendly.

There are a couple other choices for BBQ in Chino, but the best choice is Phillips.

Update Sept. 20, 2009.

I went back to Phillips and got the three item combination, $17, with pork ribs, chicken link, and sliced beef, which is tri tip and mac salad and cole slaw as the sides.

You already know about the how great the ribs are. This time was no exception. One look at the picture should tell you how great the ribs look.

But the chicken link is awesome!!! The combo comes with two sliced chicken links. The links have a great casing and wonderful flavor. They use good quality chicken for these links.

The sliced beef was only OK. It was bland and lacked flavor, I had to use BBQ sauce to add flavor. The only good thing I can say is that it was tender.

Service was OK. The young girl taking orders must have just started working there because she was very slow and asked the guy in the kitchen a ton of questions. The food came out quickly.

I now have two favorites at Phillips, pork ribs and chicken links!!!!!!!

Update Nov 2, 2009

Thanks to The New Diner reader, S. Britchky, for mentioning that The New Diner's review of Phillips BBQ was mentioned in the The Daily Bulletin The written, David Allen, has his own blog, David Allen Blog. Here is Mr. Allen's blog post on Phillips BBQ.