Saturday, July 04, 2009

Clark's BBQ-Closed

Clark's BBQ
11748 Central Ave

Clark's BBQ is located in a strip mall behind the EZ Takeout Burger in Chino. I can't believe that a BBQ restaurant has been open for almost three years and I didn't know about it.

Clark's smokes their meats with oak. As I have mentioned before, smoking with oak wouldn't be my choice but if the pitmaster is good, he can make some real good BBQ using oak.

I got the half rack of ribs, $11.50. The ribs were smoked and had some of that smoke ring, but it was clear the ribs had been in the warmer too long. The meat was a bit dry, chewy, a little too much fat, and lacked flavor. The BBQ sauce was much needed because it added some flavor. I did like the sauce, about a medium spice with a good kick. The ribs were meaty and if they were right out of the smoker, they might have been very good. But like I said, the ribs had been in the warmer for too long.

Service is OK.

I wouldn't go back to Clark's BBQ because BBQ smoked with oak has to be done to perfection, otherwise it is just bad BBQ. Clark's does a decent job but there is no need for me to go back.