Friday, July 03, 2009

Aladdin Jr-Closed

Aladdin Jr
296 W 2nd St

Aladdin Jr. has opened a second location in Pomona, in the Antique District. The only other Middle Eastern restaurant in the area is Grapevine. Some interesting history about this location.  This used to be a fine dining restaurant called Lela's.  Lela's was featured on the first season of Kitchen Nightmares-the Gordon Ramsey reality TV show, that tries to fix restaurants that are doing badly. David Allen wrote a story about Lela's being on Kitchen Nightmares.  They closed before the episode was aired.  If you search You Tube, sometimes the episode is there until it's deleted for violating their terms of service.

I went for lunch and ordered the beef shish kebob, $9.99. The manager was really trying to push their lunch buffet, $9.99, if you ordered a drink. But I'm not a fan of the kafta kebobs, which is a ground beef, kebobs and I wanted to try their shish kebob. For about $10, there were a lot of meat. I was impressed with the shish kebob, cooked about medium rare, fairly tender filet mignon, with some good seasoning and flavor.

The rice was nicely seasoned and fluffy. I didn't like the salad because they had balsamic vinegar as a dressing and I hate balsamic vinegar.

Service was pretty good. Nothing outstanding and nothing bad.

I came away impressed with Aladdin Jr. but I wasn't overwhelmed, like this is the best Middle Eastern restaurant I have been to. But it is the best Middle Eastern Restaurant in the area but that is like being the tallest midget.