Monday, August 20, 2007


1204 Foothill Blvd
La Verne

It's rare to find a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern Restaurant in the Pomona Valley. I only know of one, Grapevine. What is really interesting is that Grapevine is housed in an old house, where many other restaurants have tried and failed. Grapevine has been opened for at least three years, so there fulfilling a need.

I ordered the beef kebab, $16.99. For the first time at a Middle Eastern restaurant, I'm asked how would I like the meat to be cooked. I asked for medium rare. The kebabs comes with rice pilaf, grilled tomato, onions and pita bread. The kebabs arrive and I'm surprised at the small portion. It's smaller than Shirazz and many of the kebab places I've reviewed in Montebello.

The menu says center cut of beef tenderloin, which is basically the filet mignon. So it's suppse to be the most tender. Well the beef was very tough, not tender at all. It also lacked the flavor of the other kebabs. It wasn't as well seasoned. I think they just put some salt and pepper.

Service was below average. The server/host who seated me, was very unfriendly with a huge attitude. It took a bit longer than usual for her to come back and ask if I wanted anything to drink. When she took my order she was robotic, as if she doesn't have any personality.

I would not go back to Grapevine. The prices are higher than other kebab places, the portions are smallers and the service isn't as good. Why waste my money and time going to Grapevine?