Monday, August 20, 2007

Hong Kong City

Hong Kong City Seafood Restaurant
1425 Park St.

Ok, so this isn't in the LA area. I'm up in the Bay Area surrounded by moron Giants fans and Beane Sprouts. But the Bay Area has lots of good food so I figured I would do some reviews. Park St in Alameda is a nice quiet street filled with all kinds of restaurants and shops that reminded me of Montrose.

Found Hong Kong City Seafood Restaurant and decided to give it a try. Shrimp lo mein, $6.95. Filled with shrimp, mushrooms, carrots, and noodles this dish had a heavy sauce/gravy. The sauce was a bit bland, not much flavor. There was a ton of shrimp and it was fresh. The noodles were tender and all the flavors mixed well together. Not a great dish but good.

Shrimp and broccoli, $8.50. Again, lots of fresh shrimp. The broccoli was crisp. I like the light sauce but I wish they had put more sauce. This dish was very good but a bit dry.

Kung pao scallops, $9.50. This was my favorite dish. Ok it's an Americanized dish but it was great. Filled with tons of tender scallops in a heavy sauce this dish was a wonderful mixture of flavors and textures. Watercrest, bell peppers, peanuts, carrots and onions, wow what a great dish.

Lemon chicken $6.95. White meat chicken deep fried then covered in a sweet lemon sauce. Great stuff though a bit on the sweet side. The chicken was fried to perfection and was moist. The lemon sauce was good but they could have used less.

Service was very good. Nice friendly people.

If I was in the Bay Area I would go back to Hong Kong City. A very good restaurant with tasty food, good service and great prices. Too bad I would have to be surrounded by fans of a steroid user and Beane Sprouts.