Monday, August 20, 2007

House of Bagels

House of Bagels
1362 Park St.

After a great diner at Hong Kong City, I knew Park St. was the place to go for breakfast the next morning. So I find a bagel place, House of Bagels. Now they have a lot to live up to, since Brooklyn Bagels is awesome.

I ordered the pumpernickel bagel with cream cheese, $1.70. The bagel was fresh, I could see their kitchen in the back and it looked as though they make their bagels on side. Always a plus. The bagel was chewy like a bagel should be, the texture was perfect. But I didn't think it gave much of that pumpernickel taste. Not sure why but it was almost as if I was eating a plain bagel. The cream cheese was standard, nothing outstanding about it.

Service was good. The guy was nice and friendly. He took out order and quickly toasted and got us our bagels.

I would go back to House of Bagels but I would not order the pumpernickel bagel. I liked the fact the bagels were fresh made. I just wasn't impressed with the pumpernickel bagel.