Friday, August 06, 2010

Bella Napoli Trattoria & Pizza-Closed

Bella Napoli Trattoria & Pizza
505 N Grand Ave

The city of Walnut is not a good pizza town. Other than the chains, that I stay away from, Walnut has the terrible, Paradise Pizza. I have seen Bella Napoli Trattoria & Pizza, since it is in the same shopping center as Akasaka and L & L Hawaiian BBQ.

But I have never tried their pizza but I decided to give them a try.

They have a two slices and a soda for $5.32, so I got a cheese and pepperoni slice. The pizza was reheated and then served fairly warm. The first thing I noticed about the cheese slice was the soggy and weak crust. I'm hoping for a chewier crust. Sauce was mild with a amount of oregano, then topped with a good amount of cheese.

The pepperoni slice had six pieces of pepperoni, which was pretty good.

Service was good. Nice friendly young lady, helped me. I did ask for a take out menu but they said they did not have any take out menus.

Bella Napoli was ok, I wouldn't rush back or go there if I'm in the area. But I wouldn't be against going back.