Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Paradise Pizza

Paradise Pizza
376 S Lemon Ave

Although a few of my recent reviews may say otherwise, I do hate the big, coporate chain restaurants, especially the pizza places. So I try and support the mom and pop pizza places. But the only trouble is you have to try out all the mom and pop pizza places before you know which one is good.

Well Paradise Pizza is no paradise. They were closed for four days, Christmas-Dec 28th. I was finally able to get somebody to answer the phone and when I asked, what time do they close, the guy said I don't know. Nice. I knew I wasn't dealing with a professionally run pizza place.

So I walk into Paradise and there are no menus on the wall or any kind of menus. Now I know ordering a pizza isn't rocket science but I like to see what options I have and the cost of the pizza. Oh well. I asked for a small pepperoni. The guy told me the smallest they had was a medium. I asked how big the medium was, he said about 12 inches. Ok, a little more than I wanted but who cares. I order a medium pepperoni and was shocked at the price, $5.40. They must really be hurting for business.

The pizza comes out quickly and is hot. The pizza has a large amount of cheese, which I like. The amount of cheese is equal to some other place's extra cheese. The pepperoni was a bit spicy and was OK. But there was almost no sauce, a very thin layer and some spots had no sauce at all. Not good. Also not good, was the amount of grease. A very greasy, pizza. The crust was soft and chewy a bit of thicker crust.

Service was OK. There is only one person there and he doesn't keep regular hours. He closes whenever he feels like. He wasn't the most friendly but he wasn't rude either.

Interesting story, a person walking by, while I was waiting for the pizza, told me they served the pizza at the middle school down the street. He knew because he graduated from that middle school and he believes they still serve Paradise pizza at the school. After trying the pizza, I can't believe a school would give such a greasy pizza to kids.

I wouldn't go back to Paradise Pizza again. The pizza is very greasy and while the price is good, it's just not worth it.