Wednesday, June 13, 2007


505 Grand Ave
Walnut 91789

Akasaka is a good sushi restaurant in Walnut. The first time I went there, it took forever for the sushi to arrive. But sitting at the sushi bar solves that problem.

Pictured is the tuna ($4.95) and halibut, ($4.95) two of my standard sushi. The fish wasn't as fresh as most sushi places I've been to.

The second picture is the shrimp tempura roll with avocado. ($5.75) I was very surprised at how good this roll was. It was great. The shrimp tempura was cripy. Everything was fresh and tasty.

The next picture is the shrimp sushi. ($3.95) Unlike the tuna and yellowtail, it was fresh and tasty.

The last picture is the scallop sushi ($4.95). Again nice and fresh.

Service is good. I couldn't let me glass of water go below half full, without somebody filling it up.

Now I think Akasaka is a little overpriced and with the sushi not being fresh, it's not worth taking the chance. I wouldn't go back to Akasaka.