Sunday, August 08, 2010

Mr Sippee

Mr Sippee
1045 Blaine St
Los Angeles

As readers of The New Diner know, I love broasted chicken. When I heard about a gas station that serves up broasted chicken, I figured I would check them out. If they are good, I have another option for food before a game at Staples Center.

Mr. Sippee, is the name of the store, inside the 76 gas station. They have everything from BBQ ribs, fried chicken, and sandwiches. They also had a B rating from the health department, the day I went.

I ordered two breast pieces, $4.81. Any broasted chicken restaurant, that is worth a damn, doesn't use heat lamps. They freshly cook their chicken and served hot. Well, I knew something was wrong when I saw the heat lamps. I was under the impression Mr. Sippee was broasted chicken, it is NOT broasted but fried. The way they fry their chicken is close the way Pollo Campero-LA, fries their chicken.

They only had one breast piece under the heat lamps, so they had fry one up, so I waited about 15 minutes. When the chicken was done, I got two pieces of chicken, one freshly fried, the other sitting under a heat lamp for who knows how long.

I tried the freshly fried chicken first, it was very hot, but the skin wasn't anywhere close to what broasted chicken is suppose to be. It was clearly fried. The inside was fairly moist and tender.

The chicken that had been sitting under heat lamps was Ok. Decent flavor, a decent crispy skin and moist inside. But I couldn't get over this was just a less tasty version of Pollo Campero.

Service was terrible. The guy working was nice but I noticed they served BBQ ribs, which are ribs steamed or cooked in an oven and then drowned in BBQ sauce. But I figured, why not, so I ordered just one rib. The ribs are priced at $2.99 on the menu. The receipt that prints up for the food, had the price at $2.99. But when the guy rang up the it was $3.29 plus tax. I questioned him on that. I told him the menu price was $2.99, the receipt price was $2.99 but it rang up at $3.61, which is $3.29 plus tax. I told him, honor the price or I won't take it.

I will never go back to Mr. Sippee again. If I wanted fried chicken that tasted like Pollo Campero, I would go there. I don't need the bad service, where they don't honor their prices.