Sunday, August 08, 2010

Kyochon Chicken

Kyochon Chicken
3833 W 6th St
Los Angeles

Kyochon and Bonchon, are two of the more well known Korean Fried Chicken restaurants. I noticed that Koychon and Bonchon are with a mile of each other on 6th St. So I went to Kyochon frist and then Boncho to see which place is better!!

Six people split the large order of 10 wings, $16.99, half soy garlic and half spicy. They screwed up and gave us all soy garlic, then later, realizing their mistake gave us the spicy.

Korean fried chicken, actually, most Asian fried chicken is a two step process. The first step is to render out the fat, to make a nice crispy skin. Then cooked again to fully cook the inside!! So these wings take 20-25 minutes to cook, so prepare to wait.

Kyochon did a good job of frying the chicken. Nice cripsy skin, moist inside. The soy garlic had so much flavor. I really liked this chicken.

The hot was HOT. If you do not like hot, do not get this. It is among the hottest chicken I've ever had.

Service is so slow and bad. It took forever to get water, one person in our group didn't get his water until we were almost done with our meal and 3-5 reminders. Drinks were not refilled, they took forever to take our orders. They really need to work on customer service.

The only good thing to say about them is that they self corrected their mistake and brought us an order of hot and spicy. But there is no excuse for slow service, you can measure the amount of time they took with an hourglass.

I would only go back to Kyochon, if I placed my order in advance. I won't put up with their bad table service.