Sunday, August 08, 2010


3407 W 6th St
Los Angeles

After going to Kyochon, we stopped at BonChon to find which Korean Fried Chicken is better.

We split two large orders of soy garlic and the hot wings, $16.99 each, which was about 10 wings in each order.

BonChon does a much better job frying their chicken. So light and crispy and moist. The chicken was huge, among the biggest pieces of chicken I've had.

The soy garlic wasn't as flavorful as Kyochon, but still pretty good.

But the hot, was so much better. The hot had enough heat but wasn't so hot, it burned your mouth.

Service was pretty good, much better than Kyochon.

Overall, I liked BonChon better. I liked the fact that the chicken was more crispy and moist. If you could combine the soy garlic at Kyochon and with the chicken at BonChon, you would have an almost perfect chicken.