Thursday, August 05, 2010

Charlie's Trio Cafe

Charlie's Trio Cafe
47 W Main St

Ok, not sure what it is, but I'm on a broasted chicken kick. After going to Chicky yesterday, I heard about Charlie's Trio Cafe and wanted to try it. Charlie's is an Italian restaurant that served broasted chicken. I have heard good things about their pizza and may give them a try, another time. But I came here for the broasted chicken.

Charlie's is located on the corner of Main and 1st Street in Alhambra. I have now been to all three restaurants, at each of the corners at the intersection. The other two restaurants; Tony Roma's and 38 Degrees Ale House & Grill. There is a big name coffee house on the last corner, and since I don't drink coffee, there will not be a review.

I got two breast pieces, $2.50 each, to go. It was a beautiful day, no reason to sit inside when it is so beautiful outside. So I found a bench and sat outside. Like almost every other broasted chicken place I've been to, the chicken is cooked to order, so expect a wait of about 15 minutes. I can't believe some people complain about that wait. I mean, WTF, do you want freshly cooked chicken or chicken that has been sitting under heat lamps for over an hour?

The chicken was very moist and tender. But it was that flavorful, as if it was missing some seasoning. I did like but it just didn't stack up with Broaster Chicken in Montebello.

Service was very good. Like I mentioned before, Charlie's is an Italian restaurant that happens to serve broasted chicken. This is a sit down, table service restaurant. Not the counter service that most broaster chicken places, I've been to. The young lady who took my order was very nice and helpful.

I would go back to Charlie's if I was in the area. I can chalk up the lack of seasoning to a one time mistake. They do use good quality chicken and it was moist and tender. I do plan to come back for their pizza.