Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Chicky Fried Chicken Broasted-Closed

Chicky Fried Chicken Broasted
5104 Long Beach Blvd
Long Beach

I love broasted chicken! There is no question broasted chicken is the way to fry chicken. The inside is moist and tender and the outside is crispy. My favorite broasted chicken is Broaster Chicken in Montebello.

So when I hear about any broasted chicken restaurant, I make try to go as soon as I can. I thought the only broasted chicken was in the Long Beach area, was in Los Alamitos at Pittsburgh Broasted Chicken. But I found out about Chicky Fried Chicken Broasted and after reading a glowing review by somebody named TC, I wanted to give them a try.

Yes, Chicky Fried Chicken Broasted, is a weird name but it is broasted chicken.

I got a breast, $3.10 and a wing, $1.25. Most of the chicken is cooked to order, so expect a wait. The breast was a very good example of broasted chicken. So moist and flavorful inside and just a little crispy outside. It was also a huge piece, so the price was fair.

The wing wasn't as good. They either put too many chicken in the broaster because the outside wasn't cripsy and the inside was dry. Ok, the wing is the smallest piece but come on now, I've gone to other broasted chicken places and the wings have been great.

Service is pretty good; a nice, friendly, older couple own and run the restaurant. But you have to order a minimum of two pieces, when ordering by the piece. Kind of dumb but whatever. Something I didn't like though, was that they were selling some orders already made. I maybe easy for some people, but I want freshly made chicken, not something that has been sitting around for 20-30 minutes.

I did like Chicky but I didn't think it was anything great. I would go to Pittsburgh or Broasters before heading back to Chicky.