Wednesday, August 04, 2010

P Dogs-Closed

P Dogs
13610 S Garfield Ave
South Gate

I was surprised to hear that a hot dog place; PDogs, had opened up in South Gate. South Gate has a ton of taco stands but I wanted to see what PDogs was all about. Located right off the 105 freeway, P Dogs has a wide range of hot dogs. From turkey dogs to Dodger Dogs, to Polish dogs.

I judge a hot dog place by the hot dog. The toppings maybe nice but who cares if the hot dog is crap?

All their hot dogs and Polish dogs are grilled!!! I got the beef dog, $3.25, with mustard and raw onions and the Polish dog, $3.25, with just mustard.

The beef dog was on toasted/grilled bun. There was nothing special about the bun. The hot dog was pretty good, a skinless dog with nice spicy flavor. It was a pretty thin hot dog, not a 1/4 pound. The mustard and onions were fresh. While I did like the hot dog the $3.25 price is a bit pricey.

THe polish dog was huge, it was easily a 1/4 pounder. I was impressed with the mild flavor of the Polish. This was not spicy at all. But a nice texture and flavor. This was worth the $3.25 price. But I couldn't get over the feeling this Polish is the Polish from Costco. If you have a hot dog restaurant, you can't use Kirkland hot dogs.

If you didn't know, Costco, changed their hot dogs and polish dogs from Hebrew National, to their own Kirkland brand hot dogs and polish dogs. The Kirkland brand hot dogs and polish aren't as good now but still a great value, $1.50, with a refillable soda.

Service was very good. The young lady was very nice and friendly. They have been opened for about three months but the sign is still a work in progress.

I would go back to P Dogs if I'm in the area, but I don't think I would make a special trip out there.