Sunday, August 01, 2010

Luigi Ortega's

Luigi Ortega's
1655 E Colorado Blvd

Luigi Ortega's is across the the street for Pasadena City College, where the great Jackie Robinson, attended before breaking the color line in baseball with the BROOKLYN Dodgers. Luigi Ortega's is an interesting combination of Italian and Mexican food. But what I heard they were known for, is their Philly cheesesteaks and hoagies.

Later on, I realized the irony of two Philly staples, cheesesteaks and hoagies, near the school Jackie Robinson attended. Philadelphia is a scumbag racist city. When Jackie Robinson broke the color line in baseball, by far, the city who treated him the worst was Philly. In 1997, when Major League Baseball honored 50th anniversary of Jackie Robinson, breaking the color line, the Philadelphia Phillies apologized to the Robinson family, for the way jerkoffs on the Phillies treated Jackie Robinson.

Philly fans maybe less racist but they are still a bunch of scumbags in Philly. From the jerkoff who ran onto the field during a Phillies game and was tasered; which they should do at any moron who runs onto the field, to the idiot who threw up on a father and daughter at a Phillies game, Philly has nothing but no class loser sports fans.

Philly cheesesteak, $6.25, with provolone cheese on an Amorosa roll. Amorosa rolls are a must for any cheesesteak. The rolls have the perfect texture, chewy crust with a soft inside. But, a good ratio of cheese to meat, is also important!! On this cheesesteak, there was a decent amount of beef, though I doubt it was ribeye, but there wasn't much provolone cheese. The beef was more like top round or sirlion. It had a good flavor but not bursting with flavor.

I asked for the Italian hoagie, $6.99, coppacola, mortadella, Genoa Salami, prosciutto and provolone Cheese on a Amorosa roll, to go. This hoagie had only mayo, lettuce and tomatoes, added. I hate Italian dressing and vinegar on my sandwiches. I don't want something that is too tangy or will make the sandwich soggy.

The meats were pretty good but there just wasn't enough of it. I could go to Eastside Italian Market and get a sandwich with the same meats, ok, without the prosciutto, but with much more meat. I'm not saying this hoagie wasn't good, it was, I just don't think it is worth the price.

Service is below average. The lady who took my order, had either just started working or is brand new. She was so unsure about how to write my order etc. I asked if they could put the Sunday night baseball game on TV, they were showing stupid X Games, and some other crap on TV. She said sure. But she didn't get to it until taking two orders, then until my cheesesteak was ready. Another lady brought me the cheesesteak and said I don't think we can change the channel. About 2-3 minutes later the channel was finally changed and I got to watch baseball, a real sport, not some bastardized sport made for TV. Of course, I had just about finished my cheesesteak by that time.

There is no reason for me to go back to Luigi Ortega's, for anything. Ok, great they use Amorosa rolls but the meats for the cheesesteaks aren't anything great and there isn't enough meat on the hoagies.