Saturday, July 31, 2010

Arthur Treacher's/Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs-Closed

Arthur Treacher's/Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs
5050 W Rosecrans Ave

If you're from Maryland, like I am, Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips is an old school, fast food fish and chips place. They had very good fish and chips, using cod but then switched to a cheaper fish; pollock and combined with changing tastes, some locations started to close down. But they reinvented themselves and are now franchised along with Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs. Still based back east. But they made it out to LA!! When I heard they opened an Arthur Treacher's in Hawthorne, I knew I had to go.

My standard bearer for fish and chips is England Fish and Chips, in Long Beach.

Fish and chips, $5.99. Two pieces of pollock, fries, cole slaw and hush puppies. This was a huge amount of food and well worth the price. The pollock was fried with a nice golden brown batter. The pollock was nice and flakey and tender. The batter was light and crunchy. I still prefer cod but the way Arthur Treacher's fried up their pollock was damn good. An extra piece of fish is $1.99, but has to be ordered with an entree but I think it is a fair price and I would pay it.

The tartar sauce was great! Much tangier than other tartar sauce I've had.

The hushpuppies were very good too. Fried just right, with a light crunchy outside and nice flavorful cornmeal inside.

The fries were a bit undercooked, if I asked for well done fries, they would have been perfect. Crinkle cut fries and a large portion.

I didn't care for the coleslaw, that was drowned in mayo. But with so much food, who can finish it all?

Since the last Nathan's on Pico, closed, I figured I should try a Nathan's regular hot dog, $2.99. The hot dogs are served plain and their is a condiment table, with spicy mustard, raw onions, and that red onion sauce.

The hot dog was pretty good. Nice snap and well cooked. The bun held up pretty well, when I put mustard and onions on the hot dog, but wasn't toasted.

Service was very good. The young lady who took my order was nice and friendly.

I only wished this was closer combination of Arthur Treacher's and Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs, was closer to me. Maybe it was a great trip down memory lane but I really did enjoy the fish and chips at Arthur Treacher's, I think it was even better than what I remembered them!!