Saturday, July 31, 2010

Purgatory Pizza

Purgatory Pizza
1326 E 1st St
Los Angeles

When the East side extension of the Metro Gold Line opened, a new world of tasty foods opened up to everybody. The East side extension, went through Union Station and went east to East LA. At the Pico station, is Purgatory Pizza. It came highly rated, so I decided to give them a try.

One slice and a can of soda, $2.50. They only had cheese slices, which was fine because if the cheese pizza isn't good, there is no reason to go back to any pizza restaurant.

This pizza was among the worst pizza I've ever had. The pizza was sitting in a box, on top of the oven, then reheated. Most places that serve pizza by the slice, the pizza is sitting in the counter, the reheated. Not a damn box. The slice was from their medium sized pizza. It wasn't that big but $2.50 for a slice and a canned soda, I got A & W Root Beer, is a good deal.

The crust was hard like a saltine cracker, terrible. There was a decent amount of cheese. But the sauce was so bland, I had to check and make sure there was actually sauce on there. I mean, how can pizza sauce be so bland and flavorless!!!

Service was OK. I walked in and the guy is talking on the phone. I look at the menu, he is still on the phone, and when I'm ready, he is still on the phone but hangs up pretty quickly. If this guy is the owner, it is a terrible first impression.

There is no reason for me to go back to Purgatory Pizza. I should have kept in mind, the word purgatory, was in the name.