Saturday, July 24, 2010

Aunt Rosa Lee's Mississippi Soul Food

Aunt Rosa Lee's Mississippi Soul Food
2781 S Western Ave
Los Angeles

I love soul food!! What I don't like is the fact, that there aren't many reviews of soul food restaurants in Los Angeles. Why? I think part of it, has to do with white people, not wanting to go into South Central and South LA, where many soul food restaurants are located. So I'm trying to go to more soul food restaurants in South Central and South LA.

BBQ Pork spare ribs, $10.99 with mac and cheese and mashed potatoes and gravy. The spare ribs are not smoked. They are cooked in an oven and then drowned in a very sweet BBQ sauce. Not my type of BBQ, I prefer BBQ with smoke flavor, but some people find this acceptable.

The ribs were so mushy. Ribs should not be mushy, they should be slightly chewing. This was past the falling off the bone, that many have been brain washed into thinking is good. The ribs had no smoke flavor.

The BBQ sauce was so sweet, which I do not like.

Almost all soul food has nice bold flavors. But the mac and cheese was very bland. The thing I did like was the amount of cheese sauce, that really coated the macaroni.

Mashed potatoes seemed like it was made from a box. I wasn't impressed. The gravy was bland too.

Chicken breast, $3. When I first saw the chicken breast, I thought it was a mistake and they gave me half a chicken. This was huge!! But, soooo salty. The skin was nice and lightly batter which made for a nice crispy crunch. But it was so full of salt. The inside was very dry, not juicy at all. It was tender but I couldn't get over the dryness and saltiness.

Service was great. The young man was the only person working and he was great. I sat at the counter and I wasn't lacking for anything. There were a few take out orders and about three other tables had people.

I really do want to like Aunt Rosa Lee's, but somethings were bland and no flavor, others were too salty. I wouldn't come back because the food wasn't that good. But service is outstanding!!