Friday, June 18, 2010

Magee's Kitchen

Magee's Kitchen
6333 W. 3rd St
Stall #624
Los Angeles

One of the first times, I ever went to the LA Farmer's Market, I went to Magee's Kitchen and had a corned beef sandwich. Since that first time I went to the Farmer's Market, I have been to four other restaurants/stands at the Farmer's Market; Patsy D'Amore's, Gumbo Pot, Deano's Pizza, Bryan's Pit BBQ.

I figured since I was in the area, I should give Magee's another try.

I got the corned beef sanwich, $8.75, with mustard, on rye bread. You can get horseradish on the sandwich, I asked for it on the side. I know corned beef is from the very fatty, brisket cut, and fat adds flavor to meats. But this corned beef was way too fatty, use the fat to flavor the meat but cut the fat off when serving the corned beef.

Anyways the corned beef, was pretty moist, tender and flavorful. But just to much fat. I cut out most of the fat, and I bet I cut about 10% of the weight of the sandwich. The rye bread was pretty standard, nothing special.

Service was pretty good. The girl taking my order was nice and friendly. She tried to suggest adding sides to the sandwich, but I declined. I didn't mind how she asked, in a nice friendly way, I wish other servers would be as nice, not pushy.

I wouldn't go back to Magee's Kitchen. It wasn't anything outstanding. You're better off, going to Canter's Deli, a few block up the street.