Thursday, September 27, 2007

Deano's Pizza

Deano's Pizza
6333 W 3rd St

The Farmer's Market has a ton of places to eat. Across from the Gumbo Pot is Deano's Pizza. Deano's offers many other choices besides pizza. Pasta, grilled meats. But I wanted to try their pizza. So I got their pizza deal for $5.75. A slice of pizza, salad and a soda.

The pizza was just OK. I was in the heating tray for awhile but even if it was fresh out of the oven, there was something missing. There could have been more pepperoni. The sauce could have been better. The crust could have been better. I just wasn't impressed with this pizza. I would have been better off baking a frozen pizza.

The salad was filled with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and croutons.

Service was pretty good but the kid didn't give me a receipt, even after I told him, yes I wanted a receipt.

I would not go back to Deano's for their pizza. But their grilled meats, chicken picatta looked very good.