Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pizza Mania

Pizza Mania
1785 Palo Verde
Long Beach

Ok ok not many people go to a pizza place for sandwiches. But the sandwiches at Pizza Mania are fresh, huge, tasty, and are priced right.

Pictured is the half sandwich lunch special, with salad and a soda for $5.25. The salad was from their salad bar. Fresh veggies and salad dressing. You don't need to see a picture of that, do you?

I got the roast beef sandwich, swiss cheese, mayo, tomato and lettuce. This is so fresh you think they just picked the veggies that morning. The roast beef isn't the best quality roast beef but it's good and they pile it high. The Italian roll is very soft and has a great texture.

Service is good, though they speak with a heavy Mexican accent.

Maybe one day I'll try the pizza at Pizza Mania but the sandwiches are so good.

Update November 20, 2010.

So, I go back to Pizza Mania, and finally try their pizza. It was great. I got a medium, with pepperoni, $11.80. When the pizza arrived I noticed it was heavy, which can be a good sign. I open the box, and while there could have been a few more slices of pepperoni, the amount of cheese was awesome. I bet Pizza Mania's regular amount of cheese equals other places, extra cheese. And the cheese was a good quality mozzarella. The pepperoni was pretty good with a nice spice. The crust was the perfect size for a medium thickness pizza. It was nicely toasted all around and stood up very well to all that cheese and pepperoni.

Service was a below average. I got there about 30 minutes before they were going to close. So the two guys were already in the process of closing down. But they guy who took my order was already in civilian mode. His mannerisms and body language was, get me the hell out of here.

I did enjoy the pizza but the service leaves a lot to be desired. But, I would go back, if I'm slumming and near the Cal State Long Beach area.