Sunday, June 27, 2010

Johnny's Pastrami

Johnny's Pastrami
4331 W Adams Blvd
Los Angeles

Not far from Phillips BBQ on Crenshaw is Johnny's Pastrami, that came with high praise from people in line at Phillips. So I decided to give Johnny's Pastrami a try. Please note, this is not the same as Johnnie’s Pastrami in Culver City, they have different spelling.

Pastrami, $7.45. The pastrami sliced thin, piled high on a bun that is dipped; much like The Hat. But unlike The Hat, the pastrami was dried out,even though it was soaking in it's natural juices, tough, chewy, with lots and lots of fat, and just plain bad. It tasted like it's been sitting around for the entire week. Not good at all.

I noticed they had a hot dog, $2.45, on the menu and decided to try it. The hot dog is made by Hoffy, which I think is a second rate hot dog, because of the poor quality of meats and seasonings used. Anyways, I asked for the hot dog with raw onions and mustard. The hot dog is grilled but was so overcooked, the outside was tough and chewy. The inside wasn't any better since it's a second rate Hoffy hot dog. The bun was straight out of the package, not toasted and pretty poor quality. The onions and mustard were fine.

Service is terrible. First, I walk up the window, the lady sees me but never acknowledges me for about five minutes. I know she is busy, but it doesn't take much to say Hi, I'll be right with you. Taking my order was fine but I can't stand not being acknowledged when I walk up there. Then my total came out to $11.70 for a pastrami, $7.45, and hot dog, hot dog, $2.45. Even with sales tax, that total would be $10.88. So I was overcharged about a $1. Now people may ask, why didn't I question them about the price, right then. I should have but that is still no excuse for them to overcharge people. TERRIBLE service.

I would never go back to this rip off place again. Of the two other pastrami places, I have reviewed, this is the worst, by far. I much prefer Johnnie’s Pastrami in Culver City and The Hat. Terrible service, terrible food. Why bother?