Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cassell's Hamburgers-Moved

Cassell's Hamburgers
3266 W 6th St
Los Angeles

I first heard of Cassell's Hamburgers after reading this, LA Times Story. The writer seemed confused because from the pictures Cassell's isn't a gourmet burger, it is a diner style burger, much like Apple Pan or Russell's. I consider gourmet burgers to have all these fancy toppings, like, truffles or gruyere, not regular American cheese, or iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, or onions.

Anyways I decided to try Cassell's and judge for myself. As I walked in, I knew right away this wasn't going to be a gourmet burger. This is your standard diner-style restaurant. Nothing fancy or gourmet about it. The burgers are cooked on a special double broiler, with the heat coming from the top.

I ordered the #23, a 1/3lb American cheeseburger, $6.95. With each order, you get their "buffet" which is really their condiment table. There are many choices on the table, including a relish that was very close to Bob's Big Boy; your standard mustard, mayo, and very fresh veggies. I got the relish, lettuce and tomato. The burger is big but not thick. They are cooked well done, which is fine, but the burger was dry. There was no flavor to the meat at all. There wasn't anything special about this burger, certainly did not live up the hype of that LA Times story. The toasted bun was a nice touch, the relish is almost exactly the same as the relish on the Big Boy double decker burger, and the veggies were chilled and very fresh. But I couldn't get over the dryness of the meat.

Service is good. The cooks greet you right away and you place your order with them. They are nice and helpful, if this is your first time. The cashier, who I believe is the owner, is also nice and helpful.

I wouldn't go back to Cassell's. The burger is ok, but certainly not outstanding. Also my first reaction; Cassell's is not gourmet burger, proved true.