Monday, April 17, 2006

The Hat-Glendora

The Hat
611 W Route 66
Glendora, CA

The Hat opened in Alhambra in 1951. Think about that for a minute. The Hat opened before the bastard O'Malley stole the Brooklyn Dodgers and before Mickey and Minnue had a home. The Hat serves pastrami piled high on a french bread. There is no such thing as small at The Hat. Everything is supersized.

I went to the Glendora location on Route 66 and ordered the pastrami burger for $7.03. The pastrami burger is a cheeseburger topped with pastrami, with thousand island dressing, lettuce, tomatoe, and onions and pickles. The thousand island dressing has a mild flavor, it's not the stronger dressing like the dressing on In n Out burgers. The burger is a thin patty, cooked well done. The pastrami can be dry since it sits in steam trays for a long time. It can also be salty at times. The lettuce and tomatoe are fresh. The bun was nicely toasted.

The pastrami burger is huge and well worth the price. The quality of the burger depends on how long the pastrami has been sitting around. If you during the lunch or dinner rush, it should be very good. If you go at slower times, the pastrami will come out salty and dry. I like The Hat and go there every few months.

I especially like The Hat because they have brown gravy for their fries!!!! The pastrami dip is another favorite. The dip is the same price as the pastrami burger. The dip is a pastrami stacked high on a french roll with pickles.