Sunday, April 16, 2006

Prayer Assembly Church BBQ-Closed

Prayer Assembly Church BBQ
442 E El Segundo Blvd
LA, CA 90061
Friday and Saturday ONLY until 9pm.

Yes I know it may seem different for a church to serve BBQ but Prayer Assembly Church serves up BBQ every Fri and Saturday. Whether it's good BBQ is debatable.

Driving on El Segundo Blvd, just west of Alavon, you will see a very long line and smoke coming from the BBQ. I ordered the pork ribs dinner for $9.99 with beans and potato salad. The ribs can be on the dry side but have a good smoke flavor. A couple of the ribs I had were very tough on the outside, as though they were on the smoker a little too long. As you can see they give you a ton of ribs. The sauce is on the sweet side and adds little to the taste of the meat. The beans are good and the potato salad is one of the better potatoe salads around.

Besides the tough and dry ribs, the line can be very long and slow. I must have waited 45 minutes in line before I placed an order. There are so many better BBQ places close by that I wouldn't return.