Monday, May 24, 2010

Raffi's Place Restaurant

Raffi's Place Restaurant
211 E Broadway

I have been to three Middle Eastern restaurants in Glendale; Shirazz, Carousel, and Elena's. I heard about Raffi's and decided to see it compares to the other three restuarants.

Raffi's is really in the patio area of two buildings. A nice setting for lunch. There is free 90 minute parking, just a few yards away.

I ordered the barg kebob, $17.99, then pieces of filet mignon. The first thing I noticed was the huge portions. The server brought what looked like a battleship sized, plate to our table. The piece of barg kebob was only about the size of half a cow!! I cut a piece off, with my fork and I knew it was going to be good; it was like a hot knife cutting butter. The beef was so tender and moist. The flavor wasn't as bold as the other restaurants, but it still had plenty of flavor.

But the rice was just great. So fluffy and flavorful. They use basmati rice and it was so good. Other restaurants use other type of rice or use a lesser quality basmati rice but this basmati rice was so good. Not greasy or oily, just full of flavor.

Service was friendly but a bit slow. The servers were nice but they took awhile to get our drinks and to refill our drinks. It wasn't bad but it wasn't the greatest either.

Raffi's is now my favorite Middle Eastern restaurant in Glendale. I love the quality of meat and the large portions.