Thursday, July 20, 2006


1000 Glendale

Elena bills it's as a Greek-Aemenian food. I just wish they did good food. I ordered the #10, 1/2 shish and 1/2 lulu kebob for $10 including tip. A shish kebob is marinated steak while lulu is marinated meat, I'm guessing a mixture of pork and beef.

All dinners include a salad which has lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and lots of onions. They put an oil and vinegar dressing on but I asked for no dressing. The salad was very fresh but I had too much onions for my tastes.

The kebobs came and they included rice, grilled tomatoe and chili pepper. I didn't touch the grill pepper. The lulu kebob threw me off. I was expecting beef but it's clearly a mixture of beef and pork. Decent spices but I'm not a big fan. The shish kebob had more powerful spices than the lulu but I still wasn't a fan. The beef was a bit on the chewy side.

The rice has a nice flavor and texture to it. Maybe the best part about the dinner.

Service was OK. The lady was nice enough when she came by but she didn't come by often enough. I was thirsty as hell and she didn't fill up my water once. She came around to deliver my order and then to deliver my check.

I would not go back to Elena's. There is a much better place for kebobs in Glendale, which I will review soon.