Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sam Han Korean BBQ-Closed

Sam Han Korean BBQ
1725 Nogales St
Rowland Heights

Sam Han is the third Korean BBQ I have been to in Rowland Heights; after Feedable BBQ and Korea House.

Sam Han has recently been remodeled and while I haven't been there before, the remodel version looks very nice, with it's open concept.

All you can eat for $19.99 on weekends. So a little high but a friend was paying so I didn't care!!

In the back there was the buffet, filled with meats and sides dish and desserts. All the dishes were refilled quickly and they had people cleaning the area. Very good compared to Feedable, where the buffet line was mess at times.

As most readers of The New Diner know, I'm no a fan of the sides of Korean BBQ. But Julie, a very nice Yelper, (Yes, I know an oxymoron, since most Yelpers are punk kids who steal copyrighted photos.) called me out about Korean BBQ. So went to Sam Han with the intent of trying all the sides. But when I saw some of the items on the buffet table, I said forget those sides.

Since I found something great; a chowmein dish that was just awesome. Tender soft noodles lightly fried in a wok, some cabbage and soy sauce. The perfect compliment to grilled meat!! Hey Chinese-Korean fusion!!

I also liked the large amounts of fresh iceberg lettuce. I would top the grilled meats and make a protein style taco!!!

Beef short ribs and bugolgi. The best part of all you can eat Korean BBQ, is the all you can eat part. The worst part? Poor quality meat!! The bugolgi was one of the fattiest, toughest, chewiest pieces of beef I have ever eaten. Though there was pretty good seasonings and flavor.

The short ribs were full of fat and also chewing.

This was just labeled beef. This was the best example of beef at Sam Han. Not much fat, tender, flavorful.

If you like pork, Sam Han has some great pork. The reddish colored item is spicy pork chop. The other is just a seasoned pork chop.

The spicy pork chop wasn't too spicy but wasn't mild either. The seasoned pork chop just had salt and pepper.I loved both. They were good quality- tender, flavorful.

Bacon and brisket. These were like any other Korean BBQ, bacon-not seasoned or smoked. When cooked, very fatty, not flavorful.

Brisket, sliced thin but tough and chewy. Does this ring a bell?

Chicken and spicy chicken. The chicken was frozen!!! But it just meant, it would sit on the grill a bit longer. It was OK, kind of bland, lacking seasoning. Fairly tender.

The spicy chicken was marinated with the same spices as the spicy pork chop. I thought the spicy chicken was tender and flavorful.

Service was pretty good but a bit slow about refilling drinks. I was impressed with how quickly the meats were restocked on the buffet table and how clean they kept the buffet table.

I wouldn't rush back to Sam Han because of the poor quality of the beef. But I do like the sides they offer-loved the chow mein, and the pork chops.