Saturday, September 20, 2008

Korea House-Closed

Korea House
18751 Colima Rd
Rowland Heights

This Korean BBQ house opened up in August. This space has been empty for a long time, over 15 years. Glad to see a business finally going in there.

I got the Dinner "D" $19.95 for all you can eat. The D dinner includes things like shrimp, octpus, beef tongue and special choice steak, along with the regular Korean BBQ things like bogolgi, marinate beef.

Again my reviews of Korean BBQ places will just include pictures of the raw meat. Everybody cooks their meats differently.

The first picture has the special choice steak. These were a sirloin cut and pretty tender. But they lack flavor because the meat wasn't marinated in anything and didn't have any seasonings. I would put a ton of pepper and maybe soy sauce to add flavor.

The second picture is the bogolgi, marinated beef. This was among the most flavorful bogolgi I've had. But I thought the meat was a bit fatty and tough.

The jumbo shrimp was tender and flavorful and tasty. They gave you a good portion dish though of course you can order more if you want to.

The boneless pork ribs is the last pictured item. These cooked up really well and full of flavor. They were pretty lean and tender.

Service was good. We weren't lacking for anything and the changed the grill regularly.

There are 15 different meats for the Dinner D and while I only tried four of them, all except the bogolgi were very good. I think the quality of food and the among of food is well worth the price. I would save the steak for last, the next time I go.