Saturday, September 20, 2008

Walt's Wharf

Walt's Wharf
201 Main St
Seal Beach

I've been by Walt's Wharf and always wanted to try it but never made the journey into the restaurant. So finally I went and I was wondering, why I took so long to go there.

I ordered the orange roughy with papaya and red chile salsa, scalloped potatoes and asparagas, $28.95. The orange roughy was nice and flakly and cooked just right. I didn't care too much for the salsa, if I got this dish again I would ask for no salsa. I loved the scalloped potatoes, they seemed to be homemade and not from a box. A wonderful dish.

Service was good. I wasn't lacking for anything and the server was friendly.

I would go back to Walt's Wharf anytime. Good food and good service.