Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bad Bob's BBQ-Closed

Bad Bob's BBQ
3210 Chino Ave
Suite A
Chino Hills

Why the hell do I even bother? I know who has the best BBQ ribs in LA, Phillips. Ok it's a far drive, often in lots of traffic but it's so damn good. But every time I see a new BBQ place, I have to try it. So when I saw Bad Bob's BBQ I figured I would try their ribs. Big mistake.

I got the half rack of baby back ribs, $15.99. ala carte. I didn't feel like paying $2 more for sides I don't want. The ribs were dry, lacked any smoke flavor, and were baby backs!!! Not a good thing. They were fairly meaty but nothing overwhelming. The ribs tasted as though they were cooked with liquid smoke. They have two different BBQ sauce, regular, which is very sweet and hot, which is about a medium spice. Both are tomato based sauces.

Service is below average. The kids, and they are teenagers behind the counter are nice kids who at times need to remember they are working and not having free time. When the kitchen put my ribs on the counter, the girl was texting her friends. My ribs must have stayed on the counter for 3-5 minutes before she called me. Not good.

I would not go back to Bad Bob's again. The ribs and service are both bad.