Friday, May 21, 2010

President Thai

President Thai
1390 Fullerton Rd Ste 105
Rowland Heights

President Thai is in the same shopping center as New Capitol Seafood. They had a $6.99 special that is valid all day. The special includes choice or salad or Tom Yum soup, rice, and fried wontons. So I decided to give one of their specials a try, along with an order of chicken satay and calamari.

Tom Yum soup: This is the Thai version of hot and sour soup. This was pretty good. Not too spicy but you can taste some heat. A nice sour finish. Very pretty hot, not pippin hot but good starter.

3 Flavor shrimp and scallops, $6.99. I was very impressed with this dish. The shrimp and scallops are lightly breaded, then fried, placed on top of a bed of cabbage. Then a sweat and sour type sauce is poured over them. The scallops, which out numbered the shrimp, was cook perfectly, fresh, not chewy, and worked well with the sweet and sour sauce.

The outside of the shrimp was cooked perfectly but the inside was a bit mushy.

This was a wide assortment of textures and flavors. I did like the dish. If the shrimp wasn't mushy, I would have really liked the dish.

Chicken satay, $8.95. They were grilled nicely but the actual chicken was very dry and rubbery. I wasn't impressed. I wouldn't order these again.

Calamari: The calamari wasn't fresh, must have been frozen, because this was very chewy and rubbery. I have never had calamari topped with seasame seeds. Interesting. But not impressed with this dish.

Service was pretty good, even though they were pretty busy.

I do think the daily specials, there must be over 25 dishes, are a good deal. I did like my dish and I would go back to try other dishes. But I would stay away from the appetizers.