Monday, April 16, 2007

New Capitol Seafood

1330 S Fullerton Rd.
Rowland Heights

Dim Sum literally means touch the heart, in Cantonese. To get the best Dim Sum experience you need to go to a restaurant where the food is served in carts. You pick and choose what you want. Most dim sum places have dumplings, BBQ pork buns, chicken feet, shrimp ball, pork blood cakes, and egg rolls.

Most places have tiered pricings for dim sum. The ladies with the carts will mark your bill after you picked your items. There are basically two types of carts, steam carts mostly with dumplings and non steamed carts with things like egg rolls, fish balls and any sweet "dessert items"

At New Capitol the items are either $1.99 or $2.19. A great price for some of the items. To be honest I forgot how much each item picture cost. But as a general rule, BBQ pork buns, pork and chicken dumplings are $1.99 and shrimp balls are $2.19.

The first picture is the chicken wings. This wasn't a good item. Very greasy, not fresh, and just bad. This had been on a cart way too long.

BBQ pork buns a dim sum staple. The pork buns from New Capitol Seafood are a good example of how BBQ pork buns are made. The pork is nice and tender and flavorful. The buns are nice and fluffy.

The next two pictures are something of dim sum fusion dishes.

The first one is a shrimp ball covered with a crunchy outside. The stick is a sugar cane. This wasn't good at all. The flavors of the shrimp ball and the crunchy outside didn't work well at all. This was terrible. But at $2.19 it's not going to break my wallet to try it.
It is a fish ball topped with mushrooms in a soy sauce. Not a bad thing. I thought the fish ball and mushrooms worked well together.

The last picture is the pork shu mei. As long as you use fresh ground pork and steam it properly, you can't really mess up shu mei. There is nothing outstanding or bad about the shu mei at New Capitol.

Service is good. But be warned, this place is packed on Saturday and Sunday during prime dim sum hours, 11am-1pm. You may wait up to an hour and a half for a table. This is a big restaurant and they do get people in and out of the restaurant but there this is a popular restaurant.

You may have noticed a C food department rating. The day, March 11, 2007, we went for dim sum it was a C rating. The day I took the picture of the front door, that had the C rating was April 16,2007. I had forgotten to take a picture of the entrance so I went back later.

I'm not all that impressed with New Capitol Seafood. It's ok but nothing outstanding for dim sum. Not sure why they are so popular. I do think their low prices are one of the biggest reasons why they are popular. In Rowland Heights, there are many other places for dim sum. I would try those other places first before coming back to New Capitol.