Monday, April 16, 2007

Spring Street BBQ

Spring Street BBQ
640 North Spring

I never realized all the other options for food around LA city hall. Spring Street BBQ is a very good BBQ place.

Ok, OK I know it's rare to see me review a BBQ restaurant and see other meats. But I had already gone to Spring Street BBQ and had the spare ribs but I forgot my camera. So two days later I go back since a couple buddies and I are going to the Dodger game.

Instead of the ribs, I order the Sampler plate, $10.95, baby back rib, St. Louis style spare ribs, smoked chicken, sliced brisket, and hot link. A lot of food. Some good, some I wouldn't order again. But well worth the price.

The good:

Baby back ribs. Pretty good sized and meaty. Nice and tender and flavorful.

St. Louis spare rib. A very good example of why spare ribs are better than baby backs. A nice tender, full of smoke flavor rib. When I went the time before, I got the lunch basket of St. Louis spare ribs, $7.95, which is about four good sized pieces.

Hot link. A nice kick to this sausage. Full of flavor and very tasty.

The bad:

Chicken: smoked and sliced thin, this is just too dry. I wouldn't order this again.

Brisket: again smoked and sliced thin but just too dry. Even the BBQ sauce doesn't help.

Service is very good. The server was a nice, friendly young lady. I tried to call earlier and the line was busy, I tried two other times and still busy. I mentioned this to her and said I called just to make sure they were open. She said yes the phone was off the hook and Thank you for letting us know. Then she said we are open everyday except Sun. Most servers wouldn't have even bothered replying.

I would go back to Spring St BBQ. I liked many items on the menu, but the spare ribs are very good.

Update Feb 7, 2009

I went back to Spring St. Smokehouse and tried their pulled pork sandwich, $9.95. I wasn't impressed. The pork was a bit dry on some parts and just drowned in sauce in others. The small parts of pork that wasn't dry had a nice smoke flavor but this just didn't work for me.

I wouldn't order the pulled pork again. But somebody at my table ordered the spare ribs and they looked great.