Thursday, May 20, 2010

Old Fashioned Flavor BBQ

Old Fashioned Flavor BBQ
10510 S Western Ave
Los Angeles

I made Get It N Go BBQ the first stop on my BBQ trip. So then I drove about three miles to Old Fashioned BBQ. I'm surprised I didn't hear about Old Fashioned sooner. I understand it has been opened for at least five year.

Again the best part of this trip was finding out that, Mom's Bar-B-Que, was still around.

Spare ribs with macaroni salad, $9.00. I saw the huge smokers sitting outside, going at full blast, so I figured they had some good turnover of meats. I soon found out that wasn't the case. The ribs I had were dry and chewy. They did have some smoke flavor but the smoke ring was gone because these ribs had been sitting around for too long.

The BBQ sauce was a ketchup like, sweet sauce. I wasn't impressed but I needed something to make the ribs moist.

Service was great. Very friendly and nice people. I was greeted as I walked in, addressed as Sir. There are times when I walk into a restaurant and I'm never greeted. Here, I'm greeted right away and addressed as Sir. Many restaurant workers, including those at chains could take lessons.

I know I said I would go back to Get It N Go BBQ, because of the great service. Now more than likely I will give Old Fashioned Flavor BBQ, another chance, but the risk is you the same poor quality ribs. I think the trouble is, with Mom's Bar-B-Que, so close, I would drive to Mom's first.