Thursday, May 20, 2010

Get It 'N Go BBQ-Closed

Get It 'N Go BBQ
1958 W Florence Ave
Los Angeles
323-750-2227 (This is the correct phone number. The phone number on the sign, in the picture above, is wrong.)

I found out about two BBQ restaurants this week; Get It 'N Go BBQ and Old Fashioned Flavor BBQ While looking for directions to both restaurants, I found out they were about three miles apart. So I decided to do a BBQ taste test. I would order a lunch or small portion of pork spare ribs from both, Get It 'N Go BBQ and Old Fashioned.

The best part about this BBQ trip, though, was finding out that Mom's Bar-B-Que, is close by. I love that place.

Get It 'N Go BBQ, used to be a Smokee Joe's BBQ. But the owners of Get It N Go, a soul food restaurant, bought it and made it their BBQ restaurant. I will have to try the soul food at Get It N Go.

I got the lunch portion of the pork spare ribs, $8.69, with mac salad. There is a small table to eat outside, so I decided that would be the best place for me to eat. The ribs were very thin and small. They had a decent bark, nothing great. But they were tough, chewy, and dry. They did have a nice smoke flavor, they use oak wood to smoke their meats. But these three ribs had been sitting around for too long.

I think if they had a good turnover on the ribs, and you got a fresh batch, they would have been pretty good. But what I got was a older, dried out version.

The BBQ sauce, which I got a mixed version, was pretty good. It started out sweet but then a nice kick came along. But even good BBQ sauce could not help these dry ribs.

Service was great. The man, was very friendly during my entire visit. I was greeted right away, he was very helpful and just so welcoming. He even told me that there was an extra charge for some sides like mac and cheese. He wasn't trying to be sneaky like many restaurants.

The ribs here have potential. Because of the great service, I will come back to Get It 'N Go BBQ and give them another chance. But the small size, chewy, tough, and dry ribs, means it maybe awhile before I do make it back.