Saturday, February 11, 2006

Mom's Bar-B-Que

Mom's Bar-B-Que
1050 W Imperial Hwy.

Mom's Bar-B-Que is a small little shack on Imperial Hwy, just west of Vermont. I will make a stop at Mom's when taking the 105 freeway. I love this place. Mom's is take out only. At the corner of Vermont and Imperial Hwy there is a Louisiana Fried Chicken that you maybe able to sit down and eat. The BBQ travels well since I only eat the BBQ about 45 minutes after I ordered.

I ordered the lunch order of pork ribs for $8.50. The ribs are smoked over hickory wood. As you're driving on Imperial Hwy, you can smell and see the smoke coming out from Mom's. The lunch order has four ribs and one side. Dinner orders have five ribs and two sides. The sides aren't anything special and I usually ask for double bread and they will give it to me for no extra charge. The ribs are great. Nice smoked flavor, tender but not falling off the bone tender. There is very little fat on these ribs. This place is the Rib Nest minus the attitude.

I'm not a big fan of the BBQ sauce, too sweet, even the medium, for my tastes. But the ribs are so good you don't need BBQ sauce.

I do not believe this Mom's has anything to do with the Mom's in Van Nuys. I have never had a bad meal at mom's. They get it right every time.