Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Les Sisters Southern Kitchen

Les Sisters Southern Kitchen
21818 Devonshire St

While I was enjoying dinner at Rosie's BBQ Kitchen, a couple of my dining companions told me that Les Sisters was very close by. I have known about Les Sisters for about four years but have never tried it.

Les Sisters is more of a soul/Southern restaurant, than a BBQ. But I wanted to try their ribs.

BBQ pork spare ribs, $7.95. Not impressed at all. These ribs were dry, flavorless, and pretty bad. There was no smoke flavor to speak of. Either these ribs were a couple days old or they do not know how to do BBQ. The BBQ sauce was pretty sweet and I don't like sweet BBQ sauce. But I needed something to make these ribs, moist.

Shrimp basket, $7.95, with one side; mac and cheese. But the shrimp was great!!! Lightly battered, in a spicy batter, these fried shrimp was among the best I've ever had. You get five shrimp in a lunch order. The shrimp was tender, flavorful and wonderful!!

The macaroni was tender and the cheese sauce just coated the macaroni, perfectly. But overall, it was too bland. Adding some seasonings would have made this mac and cheese very good.

Service was a bit slow, because they were short a server. But they were hard working and friendly.

I would go back to Les Sisters but I would only order the soul food items. I bet the fried chicken is awesome here, because they use the same batter on the chicken as the shrimp. It should go without saying, the shrimp Po' Boy, would be awesome too!!