Thursday, April 08, 2010

Rosie's BBQ Kitchen

Rosie's BBQ Kitchen
10220 Topanga Canyon Blvd
(818) 407-0403

Does this restaurant sound familiar? It may since I went to Rosie's BBQ & Grillery in Northridge. But Rosie's BBQ Kitchen has nothing to do with the Rosie's in Northridge.

I got the lunch order of spare ribs, $7.99, with cole slaw and beans. The five ribs are smoked but a bit dry and a bit fatty. The nice flavor came from the sweet BBQ sauce. The good pieces of ribs, those that weren't dry, were tender.

Cole slaw: a very different type of cole slaw, no mayo, made with some kind of tangy sauce. And they had peanuts!!! Weird.

Beans: WOW, these beans were great. Nice and flavorful, a sweet but not too sweat sauce.

Not the best tasting ribs but OK. But they are known for their tri tip and maybe I should have gotten the tri tip.

Service was average, nothing bad but nothing outstanding either.

I wouldn't go back to either Rosie's but at least this Rosie's really smokes their ribs.