Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tlaquepaque Restaurant

Tlaquepaque Restaurant
101 W Santa Fe Ave
The last restaurant I ate at in Placentia, was atTaqueria De Anda. When I heard about Tlaquepaque Restaurant, have a 99 cents Taco Tuesday, I decided to see how Tlaquepaque compares to Taqueria De Anda.

I guess Tlaquepaque had been in Placentia for a long time but closed down about four years ago, but recently reopened.

I got the chicken and carnitas tacos. Tacos are filled with meat, cilantro, and onions.

Chicken taco: The chicken was a bit dry and you had to search for the chicken. There wasn't much flavor to the chicken either. They need to add some seasonings and spices!!

The carnitas was very good. Nice flavor, very tender, moist, exactly opposite of the chicken.

Carne asada and el pastor tacos. Again the tacos were topped with cilantro and onions.

Carne asada taco: Lots of carne asada, that was moist, tender, and flavorful. A good example of what carne asada should taste like.

El pastor taco: Not as impressed with the el pastor. Flavorful? Yes. Tender? Yes. But lots and lots of gristle and fat. If they used a better cut of pork, this could have been good.

Service was fast and friendly!! I was greeted as I walked into the restaurant. Then while waiting for the tacos, every server who walked by, asked if I was being helped!!! I have been to restaurants where the hostess didn't greet me, so it was so refreshing to be asked by 3-4 different servers if I had been helped.

So, which serves the better taco in Placentia? Taqueria De Anda or Tlaquepaque? I would have to say overall, the winner is Taqueria De Anda because I've never had a bad taco there. But the carne asada and carnitas tacos are about even at both places. Tlaquepaque comes up short because of the bland chicken and fatty el pastor tacos.

But for 99 cents, you can't really lose. So I would go back to Tlaquepaque anytime. I may give the el pastor another try but I would have to really think about the chicken.