Thursday, April 01, 2010

Pee & Gee Fish Market-Closed

Pee & Gee Fish Market
1002 E Pacific Coast Hwy
Long Beach

While going through my pictures, I found that I did not write a review of Pee & Gee Fish Market. I'm pretty sure I went to Pee & Gee in May of 2008, right before going to Gallaghers.

Pee & Gee is located where Louisiana Fried Chicken and LBQ used to be, both have now closed.

My favorite my favorite at fish and chips place in Long Beach is, England Fish and Chips. Pee & Gee has a great lunch special, that is served all day. Three pieces of fish and 5 pieces of shrimp, fries, and a 12oz soda, for $6.95. The best thing is you get to choose what kind of fish they fry. They have red snapper, catfish, whiting, and sole. All fish and shrimp are fried to order.

I got the red snapper, which was fried using a cornmeal breading. Very crunchy and the fish was flavorful. I think the amount of fish, an fairly expensive fish, red snapper, was pretty good. I think all three pieces added up to a pound.

The shrimp were a bit small and had the same crunch cornmeal breading. Good but nothing outstanding.

Service is OK. Nothing great nor nothing bad about it.

Pee & Gee is a nice place but nothing special but the price. A good value but there is nothing outstanding about the food. I wouldn't rush back to Pee & Gee but if I were in the area and hungry, I would consider eating there again. But really my first choice would be England Fish and Chips.