Thursday, April 01, 2010

Baba Ghanouj

Baba Ghanouj
4276 Atlantic Ave
Long Beach

Every since I went to E J Malloy's, I wanted to try Baba Ghanouj, which is three to four stores down from EJ Malloy's.

Long Beach isn't a great city for Middle Eastern food. I have tried four other Middle Eastern restaurants in Long Beach; Open Seasame, Open Seasame on the Corner, Sunnin, and Magic Lamp. I wanted to see how Baba Ghanouj compared to those four restaurant.

I got the shish taouk, chicken breast skewers with hummus, garlic sauce, basmati rice and seasoned onions, $14.95. Let me let you about the hummus. Very smooth, thick paste like but not sour at all. I loved it. Too many places put too much lemon juice and turns the hummus sour. This hummus had a nice mild flavor. The best hummus I've ever had. The garlic sauce was addictive. Very bold flavor, I put the garlic sauce and hummus on pita bread, very good!!!

What didn't rank up, was the chicken. I would say the portion was average sized, not as big as it could be and not worth the $14.95 price. The chicken was dry and while flavorful, it wasn't that great.

The rice was also off. It is suppose to be basmati and it didn't look like basmati rice. Then they put a ton of different spices, including cinnamon or nutmeg, maybe both. Cinnamon and nutmeg has it's purpose and it doesn't belong on rice. And the portion was very small.

Service was good. Our server was nice and friendly and helpful.

I would put Baba Ghanouj at the bottom of all the Middle Eastern restaurants I've tried in Long Beach. I wouldn't go back.